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Super Marketers

We put your products front and center:


Dear Fellow Founders,

I was introduced to the food and beverage industry over 10 years ago. Over time, I've broadened my horizons into the larger world of wellness. It's a space I graciously enjoy being in.


With Super Marketers, we don’t just give you another third party company to promote your brand; we give you individuality, passion and poise. We love to take companies to the next level of their journey. Not only do we embrace opportunities in stores, but we also embrace them outside as well. We look forward to working with you on making sure your product comes to life just like we do - every single day.


Naturally yours,

Lauren Nedelman

What we do:

Super Marketers is here to assist companies from operations to marketing. We're here to help promote brands and help companies grow to their highest potential. From activating events to fulfilling PO's, we got you covered when your desk is filled to the brim with work. Click on our services tab to learn more!

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