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Super Marketers

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What we do:

Super Marketers is here to assist emerging organic and natural brands in NYC and its surrounding areas. We're here to help companies grow in the highest grossing region of the country and beyond. From demos to route rides, we got you covered when your desk is filled to the brim with work. Click on our services tab to learn more!

From the founder:


Dear Fellow Foodies,


I was introduced into the food industry over 6 years ago. I walked into a Whole Foods and sampled a product. It tasted like heaven, was loaded with nutrients and most of all, it was healthy for me. I couldn’t leave without trying all the flavors. As I was talking to the woman behind the table, I mentioned her product was so good that “if she ever needed help, I would love to be a part of the journey”. Low and behold, I was talking to the marketing director, and a week later, I was whisked away into the world of food and beverage. From this experience forward, came many opportunities that I couldn’t handle alone, so I compiled an amazing team to help me do so. With Super Marketers, we don’t just give you another third party company; we give you individuality, passion and poise. We love to take brands to the next level of their journey. Not only do we embrace opportunities in stores, but we also embrace them outside as well. We look forward to working with you on making sure your product comes to life just like we do - every single day.


Naturally yours,

Lauren Nedelman

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