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Delivering operational and marketing solutions:



Just want to set it and forget it? Super Marketers can handle items such as fulfilling incoming PO's, turnover reports or even handle your incoming customer service box. No matter your budget, you can choose what you want your program to entail. Extra time consuming workloads will be taken off your desk while we make sure orders and customers get taken care of.


In store demos is what our company was built on. Currently we only activate in the NYC area. We can spear head the program or even build a team out for you to fly solo. From bubbly beverages to saucy sauces, the Super Marketers team is ready to sample out your delicious products. Simply reach out with your demo activation needs and we'll get back to you as soon as we're available.


Route Riders:

Have a route ride with your distribution company and just can’t step away from the office? Let our Super Marketers save the day and make the route ride for you. Have a new product or flavor? We’ll make sure to educate the retailer and let them know that you’re new product is ready to hit the market, hand off sale sheets and get the ball rolling.


After many years in the industry, we can help connect you to who you need. We can assist with items such as kosher certification, co-packing and labeling. We know the people who can get you to the right place.



Events are a great way to connect and pinpoint consumers who are interested in your brand and vision. With Super Marketers, we can press play on your special event for you.


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